Beverly Water Boil Advisory Lifted

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Updated: 7/10/2013 9:45 A.M.

The Village of Beverly water system boil advisory has been lifted. If water is discolored, flush lines by running water. Contact Village of Beverly Water Department at 740-984-2694 for further information.


Construction of a new water line in Beverly tonight will shut the down water to the whole town at 10 pm

When the water turns back on there is a boil water advisory for 48 hours.

Mayor Rex Kenyon says this is something Beverly has needed to replace for a while.
The lines there now, were put in around 1935 and recently they have had an increase of line breakage.

Mayor Kenyon says they tried schedule the work when it would least effect the business's and restaurants in town.

The McDonald's General Manager in Beverly says they are ready. As soon as the mayor showed up to tell them, they called corporate and figured out a way to stay open and safe for the customers.

"Procedures that we follow, and we just kicked it into high gear and made sure that we had everything ready, so when this goes into place. We do have to shut down a little early tonight as well, to make sure that the restaurant is cleaned up before the water goes out, and then when it comes back on in the morning, like I said, ice machines will be shut down, and we won't be using anything inside the store, so we can make sure our customers are safe," said Michael Finley, Beverly McDonald's General Manager.

Finley says they started have stocked up on supplies such as bottled water and pop cans. Employees will working extra tonight so they have what they need for the next couple of days.

Now the water should be back on by Tuesday morning. Residents need to be aware though again, of the boil water advisory, it is in effect for 48 hours.

We will have updates from the mayor's office when the advisory is over.
A new water line addition to The Village of Beverly will cause water to be shut off temporarily starting Monday night.

Starting Monday night at 10:00, the water will be shut off for the entire village.

Officials say they're putting in new water lines. In order to connect the old and new ones, the water must be shut off.

They say the water should be back on sometime Tuesday morning.

When your water does come back on, officials say a boil water advisory will be in effect until further notice.

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