Concern for Enforcement: Bicycle Helmet Law in Marietta

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Community concern that children are not wearing bike helmets.

With the summer months and more people on the bike path, Marietta Health Department reminds everyone that wearing a bike helmet is not only important, but the law.

During the 10 years since the law was put into place, Marietta Police say they haven't written any warnings or given out any tickets.

Captain Jeff Waite says they watch for it but with many other things going on, it is mostly a parents responsibility.

The Marietta Health Department says this is not something that should be taken lightly.

The Marietta Health Department helped pass the ordinance in 2004 to reinforce that helmets can help save a child's life.

It also helps give parents leverage when trying to get their child to wear a helmet.

If police see a child without a helmet they are suppose to give a warning, then a ticket. Unless, they prove they have a helmet. Then the ticket can be revoked. After the third offense, the offender is required to take a bicycle safety course approved by the Marietta Police Department.

"Helmets significantly reduce the risk of a brain injury in a child. And especially if they are worn properly, so that's why the health department started the helmet program a long time ago," said Jonni Tucker, Marietta City Health Department.

The Children's Bicycle Helmet Program through the Marietta Health Department provides free helmets to any child that needs one. Children will be fitted and shown how to use the helmet properly, so Tucker says there is no excuse.

Also, the health department gives out ice cream coupons from McDonald's to the police department. Then when police see kids wearing their helmet, they could get free ice cream.

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