Big Tree Contest

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It's finally feeling a little more like spring, so nominate a tree for the Parkersburg Big Tree contest.

Communities across the country plant trees and do community service projects this time of year.

Parkersburg is one of 15 cities in West Virginia planning to host similar activities.

The ten largest trees will picked at the city's Arbor Day celebration on April 19th.

"This is the 10th year for the contest and what we're trying to do is raise awareness about trees in our community with it being Arbor Day for the month of April," says Rickie Yeager, planning administrator for the city. "We will be recognizing the biggest trees in our community, so we encourage you to go online and nominate a tree."

The contest is open to anybody -- you can nominate a big tree in your own yard, a friend's yard or a neighborhood that you notice has a big tree.

Yeager says trees are important and do more than just beautify a place, they help with storm water management and have a lot of other useful purposes.

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