Bigger Building, More Activities

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It's a little tough to play volleyball at this time of year. So a form of "beach volleyball" is just one of several activities people get involved in, at the Belpre Senior Citizens Center.

The number of activities-and members-has grown since the Belpre center partnered with Marietta's O'Neill center in 2008. But that's also meant this long-time gathering place has outgrown its current building.

"We're doing that in one room. And the room is horrible," says Mayor Michael Lorentz, "because of the acoustics and so forth. So, it's time. This is one of the largest, hardest-working groups in the city of Belpre."

The city got $125,000 worth of grants and donations for the expansion of the center; kicking in $25,000 of its own money. And like the O'Neill Center it is partnered with, the building has benefits as a multi-purpose center.

"When the seniors aren't here, the city can use the building, to rent it out, for different activities," says the mayor. "It will still be the senior center, but it will be under the umbrella of the O'Neill Center for rentals and so forth."

While this isn't really construction season, it's expected the project will be under roof soon.

The mayor says workers will then begin the interior, including the electric wiring.

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