OH Bill Aims to Ban Almost All Abortions

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A new bill would stop women from terminating a pregnancy at the first sign of a fetus's heart beat- which can be detected as early as three weeks in.

Ohio Republicans unveiled the so-called "Heartbeat Bill" in a press conference Wednesday, and it's expected to be introduced next week with about forty sponsors.

That's almost half of the House.

Now, House Republican Andy Thompson isn't one of them, but he said he liked the idea behind the potential law.

"With the other people who are pro-life like me, certainly we like the idea of protecting life as soon as we can," said Thompson, who represents the 93rd House District. "I will be monitoring things and certainly will be supportive of that concept."

Meanwhile pro-abortion groups like Planned Parenthood have come out against the bill. The head of the group's legislative arm in Ohio says it's obviously unconstitutional and if passed, would be tied up in litigation for years.

And some anti-abortionists share that sentiment.

"The heart beat bill is pushing the envelope and maybe it's inviting that sort of conflict in the courts," said Thompson.

Thompson said he wasn't sure if the bill could overturn Roe V. Wade and he didn't want to lose any ground in the abortion battle in the process.

"We want to make sure that the victories that are gained stand up to scrutiny so they're not overturned in any fashion," he said.

Thompson said a more modest bill would have a better chance of passing.

He's backed the so-called viability bill, which would cap late term abortions at twenty weeks.

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