Black Ice

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Black ice.

It's out there, just waiting to send you sliding out of control.

The Washington County Sheriff's Office says with these wintery conditions, they had every deputy out on the road at a car crash.

With no huge threat of snow in our future, however, that doesn't mean the roads are always safe.

Freezing temperatures can put a real threat on the road overnight.

"Plan your trip or your work commute or if you're gonna pick your kids or drop them off somewhere....take an extra 10 or 15 minutes - that's all it comes down to," says Washington County Sheriff's Deputy Ryan Reeder. "There is moisture on the over pass or bridge. It's gonna freeze faster than it would on a normal road, there for people going around the turn on the over pass or bridges, and once they hit that turn, realize they are on ice and once again it's too late."

Deputy Reeder says don't let it be too late for you.

Drive slowly and be careful, keeping it safe for everyone on the road.

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