Blennerhassett Business Booming

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Staying busy with this week's big deer hunt on the Island.

Blennerhassett State Park officials also recognized a great year for visitors to the park.

More than 33,000 people have visited either Blennerhassett Island or the museum since January.

And with 7 weeks until the new year, attendance has already surpassed the totals from 2011 and 2012.

State park officials are happy to learn the good news.

"We had about 4,500 more guests this year compared to last year," says Assistant Superintendent Miles Evenson. "The weather seemed pretty nice this year, that always helps. Other than that, we're really not quite sure why our numbers were up as much as they were this year. But we're excited about it."

Officials are also excited about the Island's deer hunt, which picks up again Thursday morning.

27 deer were killed by hunters Tuesday.

Officials say the hunt helps keep the deer from over populating the Island.

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