Blennerhassett Island Celebration

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Blennerhassett Island pulled out all the stops for a grand celebration in honor of 150 years of statehood.

"I love West Virginia; I wouldn't live anywhere else,” says Louise Fleming of Vienna.

People really turned out for the festivities and showed their pride in West Virginia.

"I would like to say Happy Birthday West Virginia, one of the most wonderful states, the 35th state in the union,” says Dave Nulter of Mineral Wells.

"Happy Birthday West Virginia,” says a young boy.

A grandmother passes on her love of the Mountain State.

"I'm proud of our state and I have four grandchildren, from two years to nine years and I wanted to bring them over to celebrate,” Fleming says.

What you see and hear behind me is one of the ways we're celebrating locally.

It's always been about standing on its own.

"We're one of the states that can be totally independent,” Nulter says. “We have gas, oil -- we have all the natural resources. We could survive on our own if the need be."

A day on the island means doing a little bit of everything.

"They've tried the games that they've offered over here and of course wanted the cake and the boat ride,” Fleming says. “I just want to teach 'em about our state and I want them to grow up loving it as much as we do."

Many shared stories and memories of the state.

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