UPDATE: Deer Hunters Hit the Island

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UPDATE 11/12/2013 5:35 PM

Snow on the ground makes for a perfect day for deer hunters.

That was even more the case for deer hunters on Blennerhassett Island.

Fifty two hunters made the trip Tuesday morning from Civitan Park to Blennerhassett Island for the annual hunt to control the deer population.

Despite the morning snow and chilly temperatures it turned out to be a successful day for an important cause.

"If you don't help out with the herds they'll overpopulate. Food sources will start to dissipate, new trees can't come up, your forge will go down. Disease will start to spread throughout herds if you're not regulating," says hunter Benjamin Sampson.

The hunters say the deer were a little slow moving Tuesday morning but once the sun peaked through they were able to put down a good number.

The hunt continues Thursday.
Dozens of area hunters look forward to a morning on the island.

Blennerhassett Island State Park is once again hosting a select group of hunters to help control the island's deer population.

The annual deer hunt begins Tuesday morning at 6:30 when hunters catch a ride on the island's sternwheeler from Civitan Park in Belpre.

Officials say they're concerned the deer have overpopulated the island.

"Right now it's too high to where we feel that the deer can't really thrive as they should. There's too many deer per square acre for the island, " says Miles Evenson, Assistant Superintendent of the park. "That's why we have these hunts. That way the deer are healthier and the herd health is better."

A total of 52 hunters will make the trip to the island Tuesday morning and Thursday.

Normal hunting safety regulations will be enforced.

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