Blennerhassett Island Opening

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A visit to Parkersburg isn't complete without a stop at one of the area's most historic attractions. Blennerhassett Island kicks off its new season May 1st.

It has a storied history and people like Johnny Appleseed and Walt Whitman paid it a visit.

Park superintendent Matt Baker says if you've never visited, you'll get a unique perspective on the local history by going there.

It also opens your eyes to nationally recognized events that took place in town. Baker says it's worth a stop this spring or summer.

“One of the new things is we are opening a concession stand down at Point Park; it's called Point Park Concessions," he says. "It's the small building right to the left hand side of the entrance to Point Park. So that's going to be open all the days that we're open and have snacks and drinks and ice cream."

Also, Baker says new events are coming to the park this year, including nature hikes.

The first Saturday of every month all ages can hike on the island, except for June, it's the second Saturday, June 8th.

Of course, “Rendezvous on the River” returns the second week in May and runs Tuesday through Sunday.

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