Blennerhassett Island Shoreline Project

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No one likes to look at erosion along a river bank – they want to see the beauty of the shoreline.

So a project to stabilize it on Blennerhassett Island is complete.

Matt Baker, superintendent of Blennerhassett Island State Park says it took eight months to complete, but it's been planned for years as part of the Corridor D bridge project.

It carried a $2 million price tag and involved putting 32,000 tons of stone down to help minimize erosion.

“The riprap project that went around the island is not because of erosion caused by the new bridge, but is just to stabilize the overall bank all around the island,” Baker says. “The bank has sections of riprap that are helping the areas where the soil is being eroded by the river.”

Baker says the project was essential in protecting Blennerhassett Island.

Every year more and more of the bank was getting washed away by high waters; in essence the island was getting smaller and smaller.

He says by stabilizing the shoreline we're protecting the island for future generations.

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