Blighted Parkersburg Property

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You can't miss them if you're traveling through the middle of Parkersburg.

We're talking about buildings that have seen better days.

Mayor Bob Newell presented a plan to Parkersburg City Council Tuesday, including borrowing a million dollars to demolish some abandoned, or decaying buildings and then buy the land that they're on.

The mayor believes the flattened properties would attract new developers.

He says urban decay has been a local problem for decades.

"Much of our housing has been built before 1960. There was some built after that," he says. "The people who built them and owned them are long gone; they're rental property, and then they're abandoned, and they have become vacant and fallen into disrepair."

The mayor's plan also calls for eliminating B and O taxes on renovation and construction costs, and giving tax rebates for those who renovate properties or build new ones.

As the city's urban renewal authority, the city council would have to consider the proposals.

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