Bloodhound and Trainer Receive National Honors

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Nationally recognized for saving a man's life just months ago. Bloodhound Beauford and his trainer receive an award only 16 others have ever received.

Just at the end of May The Washington County Sheriff's Department is told a suicidal man is missing. EMT's tell deputies the man has less than an hour to live with the amount of pills he took.

That's when Deputy Keelan McLeish and his tracking dog, Beauford take to the scent. Soon after, the man is found completely covered under brush, incoherent and barely breathing.

The dog and his trainer receive a National Police Bloodhound Life Saving Award. The award has been around for 19 years and Beauford and McLeish are only the 16th to ever receive this national recognition.

Deputy McLeish trains and funds the tracking dog all himself. Sheriff Larry Mincks also presented the two with an award for their everyday dedication and accuracy.

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