Two Boats Collide, Sending Passengers to Hospital

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It happened on the Ohio River near the Portland docks.

There were two boats, one boat was stationary when another boat ran over it. The damage mostly affected the boat that hit the other one. It went airborne destroying it's bow, bottom of the boat and even damaged the motor.

The people in the other boat jumped into the water for safety. However, according to the West Virginia DNR, one woman is in critical condition. She was in the stationary boat. The DNR says, at least eight people were involved and at least six were transported to area hospitals.

"We are in the preliminary stages of investigating a boating accident that occurred on the Ohio River today, south of Parkersburg, just north of Ravenswood. Several people injured and taken to area hospitals at this point there are no fatalities and nobody left in the water, they are all accounted for," said Jim Thaxton, from the West Virginia DNR.

The West Virginia DNR talked to the driver of the boat and he said it happened so quick he didn't have time to react.

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