Boat Dock Damage

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They live by the river and enjoy the dockside living, until today.

Some people in Belpre watched as a barge took out their docks in the fast moving and high Ohio River.

"Helped them secure it and helped pinch these docks so we could get them back up on the bank before they floated away," says Dustin Adams, leadman for Ingram Barge Co. (not the company involved).

Shock swept across Beach Drive in the early morning hours.

"I live down the street, looked out my back door and I saw that," Adams says. "I noticed that the tug was pretty close to the bank there, so I ran down the dock and looked and seen that it was down here on my uncle's dock."

They were scrambling to save pieces of their property.

"Keeping these docks from slipping down, going down river more," he says.

You've seen runaway trains, but runaway barges wiping out whole docks?

"Making a hard turn in high water like this and being that I overheard that it came from there -- you know, barges do break loose," Adams says. "I mean, it's a lot of strain on a tow."

Barges on the loose in the Ohio River.

They started floating down this way, according to Adams, "and the boat that actually helped us out was down here at this power plant and came out and snagged it."

He was more than happy to lend a hand.

"I kind of feel like I helped out a little bit 'cause I just came down here and I wanted to make sure that the jet skis and docks were all secure," he says.

All's well that ends well.

"No concerns at this point -- everything's pretty much under control," he says.

Everyone had a pretty positive outlook on what happened and they just want to move ahead from the bad experience.

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