Boating Business Down

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A rise in gas prices may seem like a burden to drivers, but boaters and area businesses are also seeing the effects of the high prices.

Docks were empty at Blennerhasset Yacht Club, with the majority of boaters in the yard getting ready to take their boats out, and the high gas prices may force some boaters to hold off a week or two longer.

Ted Mayberry of the Blennerhassett Yacht Club said about gas prices, "not only do we have to buy the fuel, but we have to buy recreational fuel, which is non-alcohol and that usually runs thirty cents a gallon higher than the regular does, so we're gonna be paying four-thirty, four-forty a gallon by the time it's through."

This weekend only a few barges and boats passing through were seen on the river, but high gas prices are not the only reason boaters have been forced to keep their boats dry docked. debris in the river caused by high waters and heavy rain have put a damper on water activity plans.

"Logs forty feet long, shoes, tires, you name it, it's all floating down the river right now. So we're trying though," boater Phillip Fleming, said.

Area businesses are also seeing the effects of high river waters. Blennerhassett Island has been closed for a week straight and many restaurants in the area are noticing less traffic with the closing of outdoor patio areas.

"Business has not been affected by anything but the weather, and that has caused people to come inside rather than be out on the patio where they'd like to be and our summer crowd likes to be outside," Kim Hearing from The Levee House said of her river front business.

With memorial weekend right around the corner, boaters and businesses are hoping for a continued increase in temperatures---but decrease in gas prices and river waters.

Boaters should be mindful of swift currents and debris, but many remain hopeful of high waters going down in time for memorial weekend.

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