Bomb Sniffing Dogs Coming to Three Ohio Universities

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A new program brings bomb-sniffing dogs to three Ohio universities.

Youngstown State, Ohio State and Bowling Green are getting the dogs this week through a pilot program.

The public safety department hopes to expand the initiative throughout state universities.

They say it's part of Governor Kasich's plans to strengthen school safety for students of all ages.

The dogs can respond to threats and do security sweeps for large events.

"These bomb dogs are looking to assist outside of their universities as well," says Dustyn Fox, with the Ohio Department of Public Safety. "They would be available to be called upon in the surrounding community. They were purchased specifically for this purpose. And they are specifically for explosive detection."

Each dog costs over $12,000.

That includes the purchase, training and equipment.

Homeland security is covering those costs with federal grant money.

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