Boys Find WWII Bomb Buried In Woods

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Updated: 3/13/2013 6:35 P.M.

It's a 250-pound piece of history. The youngsters who spoke to us this week who found it called it a missile. What it is, is a bomb originally made for use during the second World War, but also ulitized for practice during Korea and Vietnam.

But military items like these aren't the only things you can find out in the woods. Deputy John Miller of the Washington County Sheriff's Office Wednesday displayed items such as blasting caps, often used not by the military, but by groups like road construction crews.

"Military ordinances by far are the most safe there is," Deputy Miller says, "because it has to be used under combat conditions. But some of the disintegrating dynamite and so on is very touchy."

That's why when they're found, they should not be handled. miller reccommends contacting the sheriff's office or any county law enforcement agencies.

"The best thing to do is to take a digital photo of it, send to our sheriff's department on e-mail," Miller says. "We'll come out, we'll look at it. If it's in a place where we think it's live and we can explode it safely. Otherwise, we'll remove it and we'll take it to our shooting range and explode it there."

It was common for people to keep items like grenades as souvenirs after World War II. But things like the bomb found in remote areas, should be treated as more than keepsakes.


Searching for buried treasure, but finding a piece of history instead.

Three boys went out in the Marietta woods, and brought back a missile.

"We find all sorts of stuff. We find some coins every once in awhile," says the step-father of two of the boys, Aaron, Chidester.

"We got it at Christmas and we just started using it. Whenever there is metal in the ground it goes beep beep," 11 year old, Nathan Ritchie says.

It's that sound of beeps that got these boys to digging.

"We saw the back part and we just started digging. We finally got it all the way up an realized was it was," 12 year old Timothy Seevrs says.

What is was, was something they never expected to find. A missile from World War II.

"We all started saying, that's a rocket. It's a missile. We didn't know it was a bomb until we got down and got it out," Westin Ritchie says.

Standing at over five feet tall, the boys dug out a missile larger then all three of them.

"We did find out it was hollow in the inside. It was empty, it was relatively light," says Chidester.

And the missile isn't all. They found a kickstand, hatchet, bullets, and a shotgun.

Explosive technicians are making sure the missile is safe and the sheriff's office plans on giving it back to the boys in a few months. But they have some strong words for anyone trying to steal their buried treasure... "Finders keepers. Losers weepers."

The sheriff's office will also have to check with the government before giving the missile back to the boys.

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