Boys and Girls Club Back to School Event

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A busy Thursday afternoon at the Boys and Girls Club helped community members become more aware of their surroundings.

"Well, what we did was we sent out messages. Also with networking and things of that nature, thing like, help with your families, help with your finances, some educational goals and things like that," said Beth Middleton, Criminal Justice Instructor at Ohio Valley University.

The Boys and Girls Club of Parkersburg hosted a healthy, back to school gathering where families could come and see all the programs and services available to them in Parkersburg.

"Not only just to showcase the facility, but to let people know everything that is available in the community. The things they have access to in Parkersburg, we have a wonderful wealth of things that we don't even know exists. So we put it all together in one little package deal here at the Boys and Girls Club of America," said Middleton.

Organizers say this event focused on family because with a strong family, comes strong children.

There was also a ribbon cutting for their new community garden.

"It's is extremely exciting, for just two months growth this is an amazing outcome, and we are looking forward to doing this year after year," said Executive Director Ben Shuman.

Shuman says, the garden came together with lots of help from different people and organizations. He says will be used as an educational learning tool.

"We've designed this for education so we can use this as a training program. So other people can learn how to garden, and then take that information to either their home, where they can plant in their backyards, or to other community gardens sights to garden themselves," said Shuman.

Master Gardener with the Wood County Extension, Pam Lutz says this garden was a great success.

The kids even got to go into the garden on Thursday and pick some fresh vegetables.

"It's just wonderfully exciting and to see the kids here, they were having fun weren't they, picking vegetables and we had fun planting them," said Lutz.

Event coordinators say they were happy with the turnout and plan on doing it again next year.

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