UPDATE: $3,500 Taken From Burt Buildings & Supplies

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UPDATE 10/14/2013 12:10 PM

They are already closing up shop but Sunday night around 11:30, someone broke in and stole approximately $3,500.

Deputies say employees of Burt Buildings & Supplies on Route 339 showed up to find the side door wide open.

The Washington County Sheriff's Office says video footage shows a large, tall male with a hooded sweatshirt walking into the office and taking $3,500 in cash out of the cash box.

Deputy M.J. Metts says the suspect never turned the lights on and didn't have a flashlight.

"We are just hoping we can get an image of the face, because if it is possibly a past employee, something like that if the owner can identify that person or someone has seen that person in here and can identify him," says Deputy Metts.

Owner Dave Burt says he is very angry and is very suspicious it was a past employee.

The Washington County Sheriff's Office is investigating.
The Washington County Sheriff's Office is investigating a breaking and entering at Burt Buildings & Supplies on State Route 339 in Vincent.

Sheriff Larry Mincks says a significant amount of money was taken.

He says employees discovered the break-in when they showed up at 7 Monday morning.

We have a reporter on the scene and we will bring you more information as it becomes available.

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