Breast Cancer Patients Unite Under Common Thread

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"Once you get that diagnosis you all have the same feeling. And that's, this is the end of my life. And that's not true because there are so many survivors out there. And it's a way to say you can make it. I did and its been 12 years now. I made it and you can too."

Judy Adams made it. She beat the disease claiming the lives of women everywhere.

She's been breast cancer free for 12 years and now she's helping those women still fighting.

"It's a lot of sitting at this machine," says Adams

The James Cancer Center in Columbus, where Judy was treated, started a quilting group.

This year she and her sewing machine have made 25 quilts for women diagnosed with breast cancer.

It's an outpatient care of sorts, and what started as a group of 8 has turned into hundreds.

"But it's one of the most rewarding things I've ever done. It really is," says Adams.

It shows in the overwhelming thanks she gets in return.

Women send letters of appreciation. She says often calling her quilts a blessing.

And they're a blessing for Judy as well.

"Well like I'm doing something I'm supposed to be doing since I'm still here. There had to be a reason why I'm still here so as near as I can figure out that's what it is. That I'm supposed to do this. And I hope to be able to continue as long as I'm able to," Adams says.

It's a promise to join in the fight against the disease.

The group has grown leaps and bounds. Judy only hopes breast cancer treatment does the same.

"Things have progressed so much in the last ten years and I really, truly believe that someday we will find the cure for breast cancer and we won't have to be doing this. That would be wonderful," she says.

But until that cure comes, Judy helps heal the best way she knows how.

Leaving a legacy of warmth in her wake.

In total the group has made more than 6,000 quilts over the past few years.

The Susan G. Komen Foundation helps fund the group through grants which pay for the materials.

Judy says several sewing shops also donate supplies for the cause.

For more information on the James Stitching Sisters visit

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