Bridal Extravaganza 2013

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Several brides-to-be were out getting ideas for their weddings at the Bridal Extravaganza 2013.

Fashion show models made their way across the stage with dresses and wedding gowns that have everyone watching.

"The show is just overwhelmingly with excitement, it's kind of electric here today and there's just anything you need from the engagement to the honeymoon you will see. I do have some brides telling me that they are going to plan their entire wedding right here today," says Wedding and Event Coordinator, Marcia Stewart.

Area vendors had several great ideas for the brides such as pictures, cakes and of course, the dresses.

Volunteers enjoyed being a helping hand to those planning their special day.

"It's just really nice for us to be a part of someone's special day and they come up and we get some information from them. and hopefully, they can make their day special with us," added Brittany McIntire of the Marietta Fairfield Inn & Suites.

"You know, it's good to help them out. sometimes, they don't have an idea exactly what they want, so we would be able to go through it and offer our services and work through and get something they need for either their wedding or the reception," replied Anthony Wilson.

The brides and also grooms enjoyed seeing what the Bridal Extravaganza had in store for them.

"It was nice being able to see all these places in one spot and not have to drive around to bunch of different places. They give us a bunch of good ideas, there's a lot of things here we really didn't get to think about," Mike Way said.

"I thought it was a very well put together event with a lot of great different vendors so you get to see what this area has to offer because this area you think there's not a lot to offer but we have a lot to offer for the brides," says Jessica Wright.

Even though, there were bridal shows in bigger cities, the one in Marietta is quite convenient.

"When you can come in and see a few of each item, you can make a decision as quickly and it sure is helping," added Stewart.

A Unique Flower and Gift Shop, J and J's Personal Touch and J-D Williamson Entertainment are among the vendors in attendance at the Bridal Extravaganza.

There were also prize drawings during the runaway show.

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