Bringing Back A Historical Landmark

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People got to tour a piece of history at the Colony Theatre.

Members of the Hippodrome-Colony Historical Theatre Association want the community to see inside a place that's hosted numerous great live performances.

"Hopefully this is about the last time that people get the opportunity to come through the theatre and really see it in a stripped out format in other words, it's all the plaster, the chairs have been removed, it's been environmentally abated," says Hippodrome-Colony Historical Theatre Association Development Director, Hunt Brawley.

Getting an inside look at where the magic happens in the theatre. People stood on the stage, went inside the projector room and sit in the seats where locals and tourists gathered many years ago.

"I think either this spot right here where I'm standing in front of the stage where you can really hear the acoustic properties of the building in other words when you're standing here, you can always have a conversation with anybody in the house. What really distinguishes this theatre is its large stage which at the time in 1919 was a Broadway caliber stage. It's a 35 by 55 foot stage and accommodate symphony orchestra, large dance," added Brawley.

The group is asking for donations from the community so they make renovations and bring back the glory days to downtown Marietta for the first time in 28 years.

"We think that by getting this theatre online, with the thousand people that come in the theatre at a single time, the amount of traffic, the restaurant, the bar, café, activity, merchant activity increase dramatically and so the ancillary economic affect will just be tremendous in this block," replied Brawley.

Members of the Hippodrome-Colony Historical Theatre Association say they hope to have the renovations done next year in August.

It will be renamed as the Peoples Bank Theatre.

The group is still taking donations and giving tours.

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