Bringing Out The Kid In Everyone

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Stuffed animals and dolls have everyone taking a trip down memory lane.

It's all part of the 22nd annual Teddy Bear and Doll Show and Sale.

"We have 40 exhibitors in from five different states and we had people just come in one after another to attend. We've been very excited about it," says Teddy Bear and Doll Show and Sale Coordinator, Anna Vukovic.

Exhibitors at the show have no problem showing everyone their collections.

"I went to a teddy bear store and I found a bear, a stuffed bear that I liked and after that, I started my collection and people started giving me a lot of bears as gifts," added Exhibitor, Susan Lapinski.

"My wife is a doll collector and one time she had about 45-hundred dolls. Start outgrowing the house, so we wrapped them up and brought them up to several dozen of people and have them enjoy as much as my wife has," replied Tony Gordon.

People of all ages enjoy seeing dolls and teddy bears.

It brings back a lot of childhood memories.

"I collect teddy bears and I've been trying to make some but it's a great interest of mine and I just come every year," said Sonja Tallman.

"I was telling Luke about it and he thought it would be a great idea to come today and we had a wonderful time and we found some things we've been looking for. so it's been a very worthwhile trip," added Margaret Baness.

It's a tradition that will continue to put smiles on peoples faces for years to come.

"I am so impressed with the number of people of this show up here. I mean, it just brings a smile to your face when you walk in here. You see how much pleasure this gives people to come and see, it's for a good cause and it makes people feel good about it," says Vukovic.

Volunteers of the Marietta Memorial Hospital helped put together fund raising efforts and contributions from the community for the event.

The Teddy Bear Fund is looking to take any donations.

Please send your donations to:
The Marietta Area Teddy Bear Fund
P.O. Box 225
Marietta, OH 45750

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