UPDATE: Beverly-Waterford Now With Broadband

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High speed internet comes to the Beverly, Waterford area today.

The Marietta area was the first to get the service... and now the Beverly, Waterford area.
Smart Networks says each tower serves for about a 15 mile radius.

"We're going to have improved internet service. Right now a lot of the community has DSL which really isn't fast enough and so on, so there is a lot of interest in it in the community and getting hooked up to broadband," explains Assistant Chief of the Beverly- Waterford Twp. Rescue Squad, Jim Black.

First on the list to get the service- the Beverly-Waterford Rescue Squad. They say a lot of their training is online and now they'll actually be able to stream it and actively participate with online trainings. "Well it gives us a lot more access, it's very exciting that we'll be able to have high speed internet here in the building where we can do our training on and do our training sessions."

Smart Networks says pre-orders have them booked for nearly a month. They say calls are coming in by the dozen with people wanting to get on the schedule.

Smart Networks is also now offering referral incentives.

They plan to make their way to the Macksburg tower next hoping to provide service there in about two months, weather permitting.

Residential start at $29.95- $59.95.
Business starts at 49.95 and goes up from there.

For more information or to sign up call: 740-236-1673
Visit: www.gosmartnet.com
Or find them on facebook, just Search "Smart Networks".

The Ribbon is cut and Smart Networks has their Marietta Tower up and ready to go!
Now Smart Networks can provide broadband for the city.
That tower will serve those in the city but that's just the beginning. Next Smart Networks plans to open their tower in Beverly, then make their way from there.

"It's just a momentous time, it's a great day for us but also the community," says founder and chief of operations for Smart Networks, Chad Henson.

But the whole projected started with a Marietta student who had to travel almost an hour to his grandma's just to do his homework. "Because I needed the Internet to look up stuff and do research on and I had to go to her house half the week, so it just makes it easier," says Jarod Knight.

And now because of Jarod, a few county officials, and Smart Networks hundreds are now able to get high speed Internet. "It's just great," continues Henson, "it brings joy to your heart because you're helping that person out and they don't have to travel to get on the Internet they can just stay at home and get stuff done that way."

Connect Ohio has been a big supporter of Smart Networks throughout the process and during the ribbon cutting they announced their full partnership with Smart Networks. Connect Ohio is dedicated to getting high speed Internet across Ohio.

"There's no words to describe it, just so many different people and the whole state of Ohio being behind us," explains Henson. "We're going to push from here, we're going to go into all of Washington County and try to expand from there as well, just help out other communities."

Having this access provides a long list of benefits to students, schools, and organizations across the area. Connect Ohio says high school graduation rates increase by 8% in communities that add high speed Internet. "The fact about being an area that's going to be more marketable for industry and bringing more jobs in here because you can't have an industry that doesn't operate off high speed Internet," explains Sheriff Larry Mincks.

Sheriff Mincks explains this will even allow them to connect with the community better giving updates, warning, and information out.

Also deputies will now be able to access their server right from the car. "That way we can keep officers in their cars, out on the road, and it cuts down on our response time."

A boys hope becomes reality.

"It will help all of the other students as well," says Jerod's Grandma, Susan Burkhart. "So if one child's story will help thousands of students in our county and across the state and I think that's just wonderful." In Marietta Brittany Lowe WTAP News

Connect Ohio has also teamed up with Washington, Morgan County Community Action to provide discounted high speed Internet to low income families.

Anyone in the Marietta area can call and sign up now. Smart Networks offers Internet, television, and phone services.
Those not in the Marietta area wanting to sign up can still call and pre-order theirs, once the tower is up and ready, those will be the first in line.

Residential start at $29.95- $59.95.
Business starts at 49.95 and goes up from there.

For more information or to sign up call: 740-236-1673
Visit: www.gosmartnet.com
Or find them on facebook, just Search "Smart Networks".
One step closer to bringing six-thousand plus a high speed Internet option.

"To have this day finally here, is just a dream come true," says, IT Director for Washington County, Eric Skomra.

It's signed on the dotted line, Smart Networks proudly agrees to bring high-speed Internet to Washington County.

"I guess the word it momentous, knowing that the commission has put such hard work into and to know that personally the story is behind the people that have no broadband," explains Smart Networks President, Eric Mostrom. "Like the soldier whose family has to go to Walmart to see him. The ten year old boy that has to find hot spots at McDonalds to do his homework, it's not so much a business decision, it's a personal decision."

It's been a long journey for all those involved, trying to bring affordable, fast, Internet access to nearly six-thousand county wide.

"This is a fulfillment of a dream, really for myself personally, as well as many Washington County residents to have broadband at their home is something that I've had heard for the past ten years, people just crying out," explains Washington County Commissioner, Cora Marshall.

The agreement between the County and Smart Networks means the county is allowing access to their towers, to better serve everyone.

"This utility is so valuable for new businesses,"explains Washington County Commissioner, Cora Marshall. "With oil and gas coming to our area where we will have wireless available out into the communities, for our Sheriff's department to see them to be able to drive up to a hot spot and be able to access information."

Smart Networks says they've changed their dynamic opening an office in Marietta and hiring local workers.
From here now, the work starts with the company looking for dense areas to bring service to everyone possible.

"With what towers serves the most people and we're going to start right away basically," explains Mostrom.

"This is a great day for the Jerod's, for the soldiers, for our public safety, it's just a great day," says Marshall.

From here the state has to sign the agreement as well.

Commissioners says only those who want Internet access will be paying.

Smart Networks does plan to include television options as well in the future.

Six-thousand county wide who can't access high-speed Internet. Thursday the Washington County Commissioners will officially make that Internet an option.

Smart Networks will sign an agreement with the commissioners to provide high speed wireless Internet service to the county.

Ohio Multi-agency Radio Communication system must then agree to giving access to their towers.

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