Brothers Accused of Drug Overdose, Exorcism and Animal Abuse

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A Washington County woman is resting with her family after officials say her husband and his brother forcefully overdosed her on her own medication.

The Washington County Sheriff's Department says they discovered the situation when responding to the home of Robert and Susan Trezza on Camelot Road in Dunham Township.

That's where deputies say they found Susan conscious, but unresponsive.

Deputies encouraged her to go to the hospital for observation.

It was there Susan said she was afraid and did not want to go home.

Tests were positive for benzodiazepines and methamphetamine in her system.

Definitive testing is pending.

Officials say no illegal drugs were found.

Her mother said she suspected Susan's husband and his brother, Thomas Trezza, of forcefully overdosing her.

Susan's brother, who previously lived with the couple, agreed, saying he'd seen them physically force the drugs on his sister, as well as sneak them into her food.

He then gave deputies a video he'd taped of Robert and Thomas performing an exorcism on Susan.

Robert refused to answer deputies' questions and asked for a lawyer.

Thomas did not.

He admitted to forcefully giving, as well as sneaking, Susan her medication and over the counter sleeping medication in food and drinks.

Thomas said Susan didn’t want to take her medicine sometimes and he and Robert had to either force it into her or give it to her without her knowledge.

According to officials, Susan's doctor never advised forcing or sneaking medication on her.

When asked about the exorcism, Thomas said Susan had demons inside of her, and he was ordained by God to perform the exorcism.

Robert and Thomas Trezza were arrested and charged for corrupting another with drugs and abduction for the acts against Susan.

They are being held at the Washington County Jail, pending a bond hearing Friday morning.

In addition to the charges involving Susan, Robert also faces animal cruelty charges.

Deputies found three Pomeranians inside the home.

Two dogs were locked in a small urine and feces covered bedroom. Another in a small shower.

Authorities say the dogs were severely malnourished.

One of the dog's teeth were so rotted they could not support it's tongue, which was hanging out of it's mouth.

Another dog was found outside of the home.

Thomas admitted it starved to death.

The dogs were taken from the home to seek medical treatment.

Robert Trezza is charged with three counts of cruelty to companion animals and three counts of failing to register his dogs.

Sheriff Larry Mincks says they are still investigating the original sexual abuse claims and he anticipates additional charges.

Mincks says the two brothers, Susan and a child were all living in the home.

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