Brush Fire Dangers

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Strong winds and huge flames burning one tree to the next.

That was the case for the recent brush fires in Wirt County.

And Fire Chiefs like Steve Scholl in Vienna are doing their best to educate everyone of the dangers of brush fires.

"Brush fires are usually started when someone is burning it in a trash pile or whatever out in the wilderness or yard or whatever, just piles of leaves and everything that they get away from them or someone's careless with a cigarette and starts the actual woods on fire," says Scholl.

There are several ways people can prevent brush fires from happening.

"Just keep the area clean around your house, keep it mowed down, don't let the weeds and everything else grow up close to your house and don't have any fuel around the house to burn," added Scholl.

Scholl also advises people to not fire up anything when it's windy outside and keep a 10 foot ring around the brush pile.

And those who decide to burn must be aware of the current laws during the season.

"Right now, you're allowed to burn from five in the afternoon to seven in the mourning. After May one, you'll be allow to burn 24 hours a day. We ask that you use common sense about it," replied Scholl.

A common sense solution that can help save not only your land. but also the land around you.

If you decide to burn items during the season, keep in mind if the fire goes into your neighbor's yard, you will be held liable for the damages made.

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