Brush Fires Sweeps Through Washington Bottom

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Ten acres of land destroyed.

A brush fire swept through Washington Bottom early Friday morning.

The Blennerhassett Volunteer Fire Department says the call came in just before 1:00 am when five acres were under siege.

Captain Rob Law believes the flames started near Hardy Heights, and with dry conditions and strong wins, the blaze quickly spread toward Lake Washington.

While the winds accelerated the blaze, its direction also kept flames away from nearby houses.

Officials say they attacked the fire from both the Hardy Heights and Lake Washington sides before chasing it towards Rt. 895.

In total, Captain Law says ten acres were destroyed.

The Washington Bottom Volunteer Fire Department, the Lubeck Volunteer Fire Department and the Blennerhassett Volunteer Fire Department were all on scene.

Authorities say no one was hurt in the fire.

The fire remains under investigation.

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