Budget Cuts For Parkersburg High School Athletic Department

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Budget cuts to sports across the board at Parkersburg High School.

The loss of funds from ticket sales this year has the entire athletic department hurting for cash.

Athletic Director Lori Lowers says because of a loss in football ticket sales this past year, cuts have been made for every team.

Not only were they dealing with rebuilding the bleachers, but ticket sales dropped 40 percent from the first game to the last game.

Lowers says sometimes teams just have off years.

The football team went 4 and 6 this year so naturally not as many people came to the games.

She says the football season ususally generates most of the funds for the rest of the department.

"We came into this year knowing we may have some issues money wise, we were very careful, even the fall sports last year, when we started talking, I was like, 'you guys are really gonna have to look at what you're ordering, we are gonna have to be more frugal', and we have done that this entire year," she says.

The big cuts came for the baseball and softball budget, which had to be cut in half.

Lowers says even the fall sports next year though are looking at tighter budgets, only getting what's necessary.

Lowers says the coaches have been very understanding, only asking for things they absolutely need.

Also parents have helped in different ways, even driving teams to games a coulpe of times to help with bus bills.

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