Budget Gets Final Approval

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While the user fee to help fund it was the subject of months of discussion, a more than $23 million Parkersburg city budget was approved with little comment Tuesday night by city council.

Council approved the budget after agreeing to some minor changes in the 2011 2012 spending package.

And the vote wasn't unanimous.

A councilman who previously voted against the user fee believes it won't provide enough revenue to fund the new budget.

"I believe that, before the end of the 2011-2012 budget, that we'll be right back exploring other avenues for revenue," said District #4 Councilman John Sandy, who cast the only "no" vote.

"Quite frankly, anyone who voted 'no' for the budget should not have done that without having any cuts out of the revenue stream," said Mayor Bob Newell. "I think it is totally wrong to do that if you don't have any suggestions on where to cut expenses on the taxpayer."

City Finance Director Doug Life said that, other than for people who have changed positions, there are no pay or longevity pay increases for city employees in the new budget.

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