Building Gardening Tables For The Disabled

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One group of gardeners is helping cultivate the hobby for people with disabilities.

Master Gardener Roger Kalter and some volunteers are making handicap accessible garden tables.

"We recycled the seating from Don Drumm Stadium into these garden tables and we fill them with good soil and compost so that people there would still love to garden a bit but can't do a lot are able to do it in these garden tables," says Kalter.

On January 19th, volunteers helped Kalter demolish half a barn in Oak Grove.

They'll be building a number of garden tables for people in the community.

"One of the people from my church gardens in this one over here and she's 70-years-old. She uses a seat walker that help her get around and she loves to be able to come here. She loves to be able to come around the kids that run around and gardens with us," added Kalter.

The idea comes from the six-week garden class at the First Unitarian Universalist Church in Marietta.

It's a unique way to help people garden who may not have access to tools or a plot.

"When you come together to grow things, especially things that are going to make you healthier when you're talking about the nutrition of it, when you're talking about knowledge of where it's coming from, how you're growing it, how you're cooking it, it really opens up the possibility of for good conversations, it brings people together that wouldn't normally come together," replied Mid Ohio Valley Health Department Program Developer and Researcher, Dana Singer.

"Well, it's helpful to have accessible garden beds for elderly or disabled or anyone else because of justice. Everybody deserves to have access to healthy food," said Megan Buskirk.

Kalter is filling a need in the gardening community.

"Keeping them gardening is probably beneficial to their health is with the actual food or herbs are. So what you're trying to do is allow people to continue doing things that they love to do," says Kalter.

A hobby the whole community can enjoy together.

Depending on the weather, Roger Kalter will be building garden tables on Saturday January 26th.

If you would like to help him build some tables, come by the Community Garden in Marietta.

It's located right behind Food-4-Less on Pike Street.

The project is from 9 am to noon.

For more information, contact Roger Kalter at 740-373-1784 or

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