Man sentenced for Vienna burglary

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Updated: 1014/2015 11:00 A.M

Three years probation for a man accused of a burglary at a Vienna home last year.

Judge J.D. Beane handed down Nathaniel Farley's sentence Wednesday.

He could face jail time on three charges if he violates that probation.

Those charges are burglary, for which he would get 1-10 years, battery of a government representative (12 months) and receiving or transporting stolen goods (1-10 years).


Vienna police officers responded to a call at 18th street in Vienna Monday.

Residents of the home were inside at the time of the call.

Officers found 18-year-old Nathaniel Farley in one of the bedrooms.

Farley refused to cooperate with officers before subdued.

Officers found items taken from the home.

Farley was arrested for burglary.

He was unable to post his $25,000 bond and was transported to The North Central Regional Jail.

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