UPDATE: Man Sentenced in School Bus Battery Theft

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UPDATE 10/24/2013 9:50 AM

A man who pleaded guilty back in September to stealing almost $8,000 worth of bus batteries from Frontier Local Schools more than two years ago is sentenced.

Thomas Fellure was sentenced Wednesday in Washington County Court to 90 days in jail.

Two years ago, Fellure broke into the Frontier bus garage and stole fifty bus batteries, various lead cables and a couple of catalytic converters.

He is ordered to pay a restitution total of $674 to the victims.
UPDATE: 12/01/2011

According to Washington County Sheriff Larry Mincks, a warrant has been requested for Thomas Fellure Jr. of Parkersburg for allegedly stealing batteries from Frontier School buses.

Sheriff Mincks says surveillance footage we aired on WTAP in June led to the identity of the suspect after multiple sources identified his car.

Additional investigations revealed Fellure sold 1,085 pounds of lead batteries to a recycling center, the same type of batteries school officials say were in the Frontier buses.

Once he's arrested, Fellure will face felony charges of vandalism and theft.


UPDATE: 8/16/11 6:18 P.M.

Frontier School District is ready to go back to school, even after an incident over the summer put a halt on transportation.

Fifty batteries were stolen from Frontier School buses on June 12th.

Although surveillance video captured a vehicle pulling in and out of the parking lot, there have been no identified suspects or arrests in the case.

School officials say they purchased new batteries and most were covered through their insurance.

Two catalytic converters and fifty batteries stolen from Frontier School District's buses just days after they were parked for summer...coincidence? school officials think not.

"We had summer school, I went to start a bus, course it didn't start, went and tried another one and got a flashlight and there were no batteries," the district's head mechanic, Gary Bookman said when discovering the batteries were stolen.

Officials say there aren't any new leads, but the district has video surveillance footage that may help in the investigation.

It shows a vehicle entering the lot circling around multiple times and then leaving forty five minutes later.

The district's technical director, Bruce Cassady has studied the video surveillance. "We had someone enter the property, in a Chevy Blazer or Ford Explorer. They were on the property about forty five minutes then they left heading south on Route Seven."

School officials believe the batteries and converters are worth about eight thousand dollars.

Costly...and easy to access.

"All they did is just opened up the box and took a wrench and unbolted everything and took them out," Bookman said.

"They left the battery compartments open. We didn't find any debris, any tracks. All we have is what we have on the camera right now," Cassady stated.

School officials hope it's enough to catch these battery bandits.

Sheriff Mincks says the suspects, if caught, could face felony charges.

Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the Washington County Sheriff's Office.

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