Busiest Day of the Year for U.S. Post Office

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Santa's calling...get those Christmas cards and gifts out the door, today is the busiest day of the year at the U.S Postal Service.

Parkersburg postmaster Greg Church says as we get closer to Christmas there is a sense of urgency for everyone to get their packages home, so the rest of the week will be just as busy as today.

If you've already waited 'til the last minute, he says you definitely need to consider expedited shipping now if you want your packages to arrive in time for Christmas.

"Our projections are as we expected; we're extremely busy on our window in our retail locations," Church says. "We're doing our best to take care of all our customers in a very timely manner, but our infrastructure is not normally developed around these two or three days a year."

Today the postal service is going to deliver approximately 80,000 pieces of mail, packages, magazines and Christmas cards.

They'll do that with about 40 mail carriers around the city.

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