Business Outreach Day

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A group of volunteers hard at work to revitalize downtown parkersburg.

Thursday was Business Outreach Day in Parkersburg - a new project put together by Downtown PKB.

Eight volunteers went around to local businesses.

The goal was just to create contacts with local owners.

The idea is to strengthen their communication with the business community.

That way, they can keep these companies up to date when there are upcoming events.

"A lot of these small business owners, they're looking for help; they need help. And we want to help them. So if they can take advantage of those opportunities, and they can kind of make the business decision themselves, but at least they're aware of it," says Carrie Nesselrode, Executive Director of Downtown PKB.

"Any event that I know of going on downtown I'm always open up for it. I love being involved in any events they have. But, you've got to have the right people, and dedication and everything, and then, over time it's going to work. I've already seen improvements," says Beverly Yeager, owner of the Daily Grind.

Downtown PKB. says there are a lot of opportunities businesses could miss out on.

They want to strengthen the relationship with local businesses, all to make downtown Parkersburg a better place to work and live.

Ultimately if existing businesses are stronger this may attract new companies to downtown Parkersburg.

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