CCMC Offers Lung Screening

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It's the number one cancer in the Valley, and CT scans would really make a difference in detecting the deadly disease.

Reinnie Leavitt, director of the Cancer Center at Camden Clark Medical Center, says the hospital launched a high risk lung screening program this summer.

It would give patients here at home the opportunity to have the type of screening similar to a mammogram for breast cancer and colonoscopy for colon cancer.

"What we did was we followed the national guidelines set forth by the NCCN according to how they wanted to do the screening," Leavitt says. "Their parameters, the risk factors that they took into consideration and what would qualify somebody to have the scan."

She says if a person meets two or more of the qualifications on the assessment, it will be reviewed.

Then a physician makes the determining factor if they ultimately qualify for the reduced-cost lung screening.

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