CCMC Together We Grow Campaign

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They help their patients, they help each other.

Camden Clark Foundation celebrated the "Together We Grow" campaign on Tuesday with two programs -- "Continuum" empowers employees to build a stronger hospital and provide better patient care.

"Circle" is solely supported by employees for employees who find themselves in unexpected emergencies resulting in financial crisis.

"We're just a big family and you never know when it's your turn that you're going to need help," says Lena Burns, clinical specialist for perioperative services.

The financial assistance is completely confidential so employees may never know who their generosity is helping through the foundation.

"But just know that in the last 13 months we've assisted 18 employees with $9,000 worth of financial aid in various ways," says Executive Director Kim Couch.

Life is unexpected and anything can happen.

"What if my family was put in a situation where there was an emergency and I needed help from someone else," says Donald Owens, guest relations manager/patient advocate. "It's good to know that someone's always there to help and so even though I might not know who it's going to, I'd like to think that I'm helping in some way should there ever be someone in need."

Hospital employees make it a priority and a part of their philanthropy by giving right where they are everyday.

"And we're talking projects as small as microwaves and TVs for patient rooms and things as large as the cancer outreach center over in medical office building B," Couch says. "The renovations of three and five north; even the women's care center was touched by the employee campaign."

Even though he's a new Camden Clark employee of only two weeks, Don is stepping up.

"It's the fact that I know that I'm helping them that just puts me at ease, kind of like a pay it forward," he says.

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