Cabin Fever Run-Walk

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It was mostly a perfect weekend to get out and work off some of that "cabin fever" a lot of folks have this difficult winter.

The 10th Annual Cabin Fever 2 mile run and walk happened Sunday afternoon at the Broughton Nature Preserve.

The run benefits Marietta City Schools' cross country program.

More than 200 runners and walkers participated to raise money for some new equipment.

The mild weekend certainly lead to a great turnout.

"We've modified the course, it won't be quite as challenging but it's still pretty challenging. As you can see we have lots of hills around here. You don't run anywhere around here with out going up and down hills," says Dale Leeper, Marietta City Schools cross country coach. "And it's going to be very soft we were out working on the course yesterday. There's going to be a lot of people coming back with one shoe."

Some runners may have lost a shoe but everyone did come back smiling and covered in mud.

Along with fundraising for the team, coach says another big goal of the event is having fun.

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