Calling All C8 Study Participants

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Before it can complete the current portion of its study, the C8 Science Panel needs participants to respond for a follow up interview.

Monday, Dr. Kyle Steenland, a member of the science panel determining whether there's a link between C8 and human disease, held a conference in Vienna.

Dr. Steenland is asking the people who were interviewed in 2009 to call in for a second interview.

"There's also a group we were never able to find for the first round of interviews and so, you can still do your first round interview. So, there's some catch up there we can also do," says Dr. Kyle Steenland, Member of the C8 Science Panel.

December 7 is the final date for eligible participants to be interviewed.

The panel also needs participants who reported certain health conditions to send in a medical record release form.

Call 1-877-810-9530, extension 512 for more information.

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