Calorie Counts On Vending Machines

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New year, new labeling regulations will include counting calories on vending machine snacks, under President Obama’s health care law.

According to the FDA, requiring calorie information to be visible on some five million vending machines nationwide will help people make healthier choices.

It will apply to about 10,000 companies that operate 20 or more machines.

Dick Wittberg, executive director of the Mid-Ohio Valley Health Department says it's hard to tell just how significant this is going to be.

“I think this will have absolutely no effect probably on the majority of people,” he says. “I think the majority of people don't pay attention to calorie labels or even other nutritional facts.”

Wittberg says but there is a subset of people who do and for those he's sure having calorie and other information posted on vending machines will help, just like when it starts getting posted in restaurants.

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