Camden Clark Offering Free Mammograms for Women in Need

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"My mother passed away ten years ago in April from stage four breast cancer so I have kept up with my mammograms yearly," says Louwannah Snider, a Waverly resident, who also suffered from breast cancer herself.

Early detection is key.

"It's part of a three step process, you get your mammogram yearly after the age of forty, you do your yearly exam through your clinical doctor and then your monthly self exam," says Joyce Somerville, a Camden Clark mammographer..

October is breast cancer awareness month and free mammograms are now an option for West Virginia women who need it at CCMC.

The statistics speak for themselves. A mammogram can save lives. Do it for you, do it for your kids.

"Breast cancer is a high incidence cancer in the united states with a risk of about one in eight, a lifetime risk," says Dr. Peter Filozof, an ob/gyn at CCMC.

Knowledge is power and women can take control of their own health with a mammogram.

"I think this can make a tremendous difference for women who know they need a mammogram, particularly when your doctor starts recommending them manually at the age of forty," says Kim Couch, executive director of the Camden Clark Foundation. "But maybe they have a deductible that's too high or it's just not the right time for them to pay for a mammogram out of pocket. In that case there is no financial application regardless of whether you're uninsured or under insured."

If there's one thing you do this year, get screened.

"They are very, very important, they are very informative for your doctors. Don't hesitate at all and make sure you do your self exams monthly as well cause that's how I found mine," Snider says.

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