Campus Martius Celebrates Presidents' Day

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Presidents' Day taught with cotton ball wigs, quills and more.

Kids from all over Ohio came to the Campus Martius Museum Monday to learn all about George Washington's ties with Rufus Putnam.

They did hands-on activities, including making their own wigs and writing with quills and learning about his spies.

"George washington even as a young man was surveying in the Ohio Valley, and he owned a lot of land that people don't realize throughout the Ohio Valley," says Glenna Hoff, education and program director at Campus Martius.

"I hope that they smile, and are happy and kind and nice, and they make sure things go right in the nation," says Case Thomas, a student.

8-year-old Thomas says he hopes that's the way every President acts.

Crafts and hands-on learning kept the kids every entertained.

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