Candidates For WV Governor Pushing For Votes In Final Hours

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It's down the wire for two men hoping to clinch the win for West Virginia governor.

Both current Governor Earl Ray Tomblin and his opponent Bill Maloney are urging voters, even the day before election, to get out and vote.

"It's all about the final push and getting people out to vote. It's important to make the calls and get people motivated," says Maloney.

"Just urging everyone to get out and vote. It's a very important election," says Tomblin.

Even the day before the election, candidates for West Virginia Governor aren't slowing down. They're traveling the mountain state hoping to get voters attention.

"It makes a difference to work hard until the end. In business you learn to work hard and do the right thing and you can succeed and we can succeed right here this year," Maloney says.

"We have a lot of potential especially with the Marcellus Shale drilling and the possibility of creating thousands of jobs in our state," adds Tomblin.

Governor Earl Ray Tomblin cites his hard work and organization during recent disasters affecting many West Virginians. "This past week and also during the derecho during the summer, I've showed that in times of emergency I'm able to step forward and get the state back on it's feet very quickly. Also, I've showed the ability to work across party lines with both democrats and republicans to move West Virginia forward."

And his opponent Bill Maloney is hoping his leadership and experience will win over voters. "I started a business when I was 25. Worked hard. Was ultimately successful. That's what America's all about. That's what this race is all about, to give those opportunities to our children and grandchildren. That is definitely different from my opponent who's been in politics his whole adult life, really has never signed the front of a paycheck, never guaranteed a loan. I know how to do those things. I know how to create jobs and West Virginia just deserves leadership that understands what it takes to create jobs."

Maloney made a stop in Parkersburg at the Regional Republican Headquarters helping out the volunteers on Monday.

Tomblin was scheduled to come to Parkersburg, but needed to cancel because of hurricane Sandy.

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