Capito: More Needs To Be Done On Employment

Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV) speaks at a ceremony presenting a USDA Rural Development Check to Spruce Knob Seneca Rocks Telephone, Inc. (Courtesy: USDA Rural Development)
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If the discussion at a Ravenswood auto parts stamping plant is any indication, last year's election results did not end the discussion on health care.

Republican congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito acknowledged there are good elements to what is now commonly called "Obamacare", but the plant manager is still concerned it might affect what he says is a good health insurance plan offered to his employees.

"I guess our biggest worry is, the cost is big for us," said Timothy Bailey, Executive Vice-President and General Manager, K.S. Of West Virginia, Ltd. "Our worry is, is the cost going to increase?'

"You're going to say, I want to keep the health care for my employees, because they're good employees," Capito responded. "But I'm losing money if I don't just drop my health care, and let everyone go to the government plan."

In spite of an upbeat report on employment Friday, the best in four years, Capito says there are still too many people out of work in West Virginia and America.

"We have, I think, people who have dropped out of the unemployment statistics, they're not employed. People who are college graduates who can't find jobs, people who are high school graduates who can't find jobs."

West Virginia U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin blames misinformation for the defeat last month of his provision to extend background checks to gun shows. People who met with Capito Friday blamed that defeat on something else.

"We're afraid if they get their foot in the door, they're not going to stop," said one plant worker. "We think they have an overall agenda of taking our guns completely."

Capito announced late last year she is seeking the office of retiring Democratic Sen. Jay Rockefeller, but she mentioned little about that in her Jackson County tour.

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