Parkersburg Car Break-Ins

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Two different night time car break-ins this week on Juliana Street in Parkersburg has people worried.

Sgt. Greg Collins with the Parkersburg Police Department says this is something they deal with all the time.

He says, the last two years Parkersburg was hit really hard with people breaking into cars, even just for small change.

This year the numbers are down however, it is still a problem.

"The east end is getting hit a little bit more than other places, so we are focusing on it with proactive reinforcement efforts to try and knock it down. But it really does bounce around all over the place, it just depends, there is nothing that drives it, it doesn't seem like, it's not on holidays or anything like that, it's just a random crime of opportunity," said Sgt. Collins.

Collins says they have stepped up patrol at night, putting officers on bikes and walking around checking backpacks, from which they have made multiple arrests.

He says people need to remember to take all valuables out of the car and never leave your car unlocked.

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