Car Crashes Into Belpre Building

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A scary sight Thursday on Washington Boulevard in Belpre.

Right after the heavy rain, a car crashed into a building.

Nobody was hurt.

The driver of the car, Wade Franklin, is from Columbus.

He says he pulled off to the side of the road and was making a u-turn back to the cemetery, when he didn't see the red car behind him and the two collided, sending the Suburban into the Orion Belpre A-T Lab's office.

"We were making a trip down to Belpre to decorate my sons grave at Rockland Cemetery. I missed the turn coming in and waited until I got a wide spot in the road so I could make a u-turn to go back and that's where we had the collision," said Franklin.

Franklin said he wasn't going fast and he doesn't know if he hit the gas when they collided, but before he knew it they were in the building.

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