Career Day for Wood County Fifth Graders

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What do they want to be when they grow up?

Wood County Schools fifth graders got a lesson in all the possibilities with Career Day at WVUP.

Teri King, elementary school counselor, says the theme of the day was "Exploring Our Tomorrows" because they think at this age it's really important for the kids to get an idea what industries they find interesting.

Whether they go to college, get a job, join the military or follow a career in technical training, they want them to start focusing now.

"We work a lot in classrooms on career awareness; like knowing about all the different opportunities available...and we do interest inventories," she says.

King says that helps the students hone-in on what their interests and personalities might lead to.

They're really excited to have presenters with such a wealth of knowledge describing their jobs.

Leena, a student at Neale Elementary says she likes this type of event because it shows what skills they need for different jobs.

The profession of two of the presenters, correctional center dog trainers interests her as a lover of animals.

"There's many things that I want to do, so it's really gonna be hard to choose," she says. "I want to be a veterinarian and I want to be a photographer."

The fifth grader calls Career Day cool since they get to figure out what they like to do and pick a career matching that.

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