Carnival Employee Arrested for Drugs

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UPDATE 7/17/2014 10:30 AM

A drug bust at the West Virginia Interstate Fair.

Thousands of dollars worth of marijuana.

A carnival employee is arrested.

The Wood County Sheriff's Office says they patrol the grounds regularly.

Deputies noticed a smell coming from an employee's RV.

They say the owner, Patrick Reithoffer wouldn't let them in, but after getting a warrant they found nearly $16,000 in cash plus over 1,400 grams of marijuana - about 50 ounces, which police say is worth about $6,000.

The West Virginia Interstate Fair is still on as planned.

The man arrested for possession of marijuana with intent to distribute is actually in the family of the carnival owners.

The suspect is still being held by the Wood County Sheriff's Department.

His bail is set for $50,000.

An arrest is made at the Wood County fairgrounds.

The Parkersburg Narcotics Task Force says they found a "significant amount" of marijuana and cash in the RV of a carnival employee for the WV Interstate Fair.

Police arrest Patrick Reithoffer from Florida.

The investigation continues.

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