Celebrating 12 Years Of Housing And Caring For Their Senior Tenants

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It was a day for workers at Hannah's House in Marietta to celebrate 12 years of housing and caring for their senior tenants.

What better way to recognize that than by having a themed open house, the Harvest Hoe Down.

"We're just a home for seniors whose safety was an issue at their house and they realize that they want to go into retirement we want to help as much as they want to or as little as they need to and we pick up what they can't do safety by themselves," says Hannah's House Owner, Verna Perrin.

Seniors living at Hannah's House wore cowboy hats, bandannas and sheriff badges to play part in this year's theme.

And these tenants are thankful for a home where they will be well taken care of.

"I like it, I'm going to stay here as long as necessary," added Mary Nutter, a two year tenant at Hannah's House.

"I like the residence, I like the people, I like everybody and everything is nice. We have good food to eat and where we live, our rooms are nice," replied Dorothy Haught, a 3 month tenant at Hannah's House.

Hannah's House, has a very true meaning to its name.

"When I opened Hannah's House, I dedicated this business back unto the Lord knowing he's the one who keeps the doors open and keeps me where I can keep the process low," Perrin said.

The seniors got to enjoy free food, flu shots and live entertainment. It was also an opportunity for people to get to see what Hannah's House has to offer to their loved ones.

"Well I think it's because someday you never know you might have to be here so you can go through and see what they offer and what's available to you," says Susie Dutton.

Workers at the facility hope that this year's open house shows soon to be tenants why they're unique.

"We're small, we only have 15 residence at a time, it gets the camaraderie going within the people here and makes you know who's going to be taken care of you day by day, our cost is all inclusive, there's no add on cost or any fees," added Perrin.

If you want more information about Hannah's House, come out to their facility at 1417 Lancaster Street in Marietta, call 740-374-5126 or
visit http://www.hannahshouseal.com/index.html.

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