Celebrating Life After Fighting Cancer

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For over 20 years, staff members at the Marietta Memorial Strecker Cancer Center have held a picnic to honor their patients for their battle with cancer.

Saturday, patients from Strecker didn't waste anytime fitting into this year's theme of Celebrating Life.

"It gives us a chance to be outside of the clinic where we can act a little goofy, we give hugs at the clinic all the time so that's not out of the ordinary for us at Strecker, we love our patients," says Strecker Cancer Center Director, Teressa Buckley.

Several patients residing at Strecker enjoy being at a place where they know they're going to be well taken care of.

"It just made all the difference in the world to know that I was going to such a caring place and I have so much faith in everybody that was a part of my treatment process," added Peggy Malcomb, a Patient at Strecker since July of last year.

"There's no words to explain it, there really isn't, I went in there, they told me that this is my terminal disease for the rest of my life but they have worked so well with me," replied Louwannah Snider, a Patient at Strecker for four months.

Patients, friends and loved ones wore buttons representing Strecker's Badge of Honor.

A good way to show their courage in fighting cancer.

"It's great to receive them because we all don't make it but I've been very fortunate," 14 year Breast Cancer Survivor Ruth Keith said.

"This is the reason why we're all here and this is the reason that we do what we do, we want to make the best possible option for the patient and we want to make their journey through this cancer, the unfortunate diagnoses of cancer, we want to make the journey pleasant," says Buckley.

And they also offered some advice to those suffering from cancer and looking for a good place to go.

"The Marietta Hospital and Strecker Cancer Center are the place to go, I mean I'm not knocking any other facility but when it comes to caring people and the love because I don't ever walk out of there with somebody telling me that they loved me and when I come in, it's like you're part of the family," added Snider.

Patients also got to enjoy getting their picture take and live entertainment.

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